Roller Coaster Obstacle Course

Market Price: $1495
Our Price :$1195

*Rate is for 5 hour rental. Additional fees will apply for extended time.

South Carolina's Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course!

Experience the largest inflatable obstacle course in South Carolina!  Our Roller Coaster Obstacle is a montrosity of entertainment that will take your event to the highest level!  It features twists and turns with two 22 feet tall slides that mimicks a real life roller coaster.  Two patrons can actually race and challenge each other because the Roller Coaster Obstacle has dual lanes.

On your mark. Get set. GO!  Riders will begin by crossing over a small mountain, then climbing a giant slide, then slide down. As they get down the slide and back on their feet, they have to go around the curve and dodge the pop-ups that are standing in the way.  Afer manuevering through the pop-ups, riders will have to squeeze and crawl through a tight tunnel, then climb back up another giant slide.  After sliding down, they will finally reach the finish line and the Roller Coaster has come to a stop.


22 feet


60 feet


27 feet


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