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Bungee Trampoline in Charleston & North Charleston, SC

The Bungee Trampoline is a high-flying attraction for kids, teens, and adults!  Our Bungee Jump is now available for festivals, carnivals, and parties in Charleston, SC, and nearby areas. Party rentals can be difficult to find for a good price at times, but here at Laugh n Leap Amusements, we have everything you need to make any party one to remember. Our wide selection of party attractions, including our bungee trampoline, is available for booking and our prices cannot be beaten. If you want quality party rentals and the best bungee trampoline in Charleston, SC then you need to check us out today!

Bungee Trampoline from Laugh n Leap

Looking for a great way to bring a new level of fun and adventure to your next party?  If so, then you need to add our newest attraction to your party setup- the bungee trampoline! Combining the thrill of bungee trampolines with the high-flying thrills of bungee rides, this is one attraction everyone will love.  The thrills come fast with this fun and exciting high jumping attraction.  Four party-goers can bounce at the same time and single bouncers can enjoy it as well.  With durable bungee cords and straps and multi-point harnesses, safety is assured for all riders.  The bungee trampoline is designed for children over the age of 4 all the way up to adults.  It is easy to see why our bungee trampolines in Charleston, SC is one of our most popular attraction rentals so make sure you reserve your spot today while you still can!


Jumping on Bungee Trampoline in Charleston, SC


Versatile, Fun and Affordable

Our super fun bungee jump station can easily be set up for indoor and outdoor events so there is no reason not to add it to your list of fun attractions and games for your next party or event.  Keep kids and adults alike entertained with this fun and easy to enjoy attraction and keep them coming back for more bouncing good times.  When you order from Laugh n Leap Amusements, we will handle everything from delivery and set up to take down at the end of your event. And we guarantee everything will arrive on time and that every inflatable and party game you rent from us is clean and carefully inspected to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. There has never been an easier choice to make when you want party attractions that everyone will love! Laugh n Leap knows how to throw a good party and we will help make yours the talk of the town- for all of the right reasons!


Jumping High on Bungee Trampoline


Why Bungee Trampolines Are So Popular

Bungee trampolines are showing up everywhere. You can see them at carnivals, fall festivals, community events, and they are even showing up at malls and amusement parks! Kids love them and can’t seem to enough of the high-flying fun and there are several reasons why this one attraction is gaining so much momentum and is becoming so popular:


Fun Appearance:  Our bungee trampolines in Charleston, SC will bring any themed party to a whole new level. Boys and girls alike will love bouncing around with family and friends at any party you are throwing. With bright colors and fun cool look, these trampolines are a great way to appeal to the younger kids in the crowd. We strive to make all of our inflatables and party attractions and games appealing to kids of all ages and are always checking for new inflatables and games to add. So be sure to check back often to see what new and fun packages we have available for rent!


Playing With Friends:  The bungee trampolines in Charleston, SC are a great choice for any birthday party and offer kids of all ages a chance to have fun with their friends.  Whether they are 7 or 17 this is a great rental to have for your party celebrations. These bungee trampolines are a great way for kids to burn off energy, enjoy themselves, and it gives parents a chance to relax and enjoy the party themselves. Social interaction is necessary for children and having fun on party rides and games is a great way to spend time with friends as well so consider this when looking for party rentals this year.


Fun Exercise:  Everyone knows that exercise is so very important for kids' health and that it is a necessary part of their growth and development. Inflatables and our own bungee trampolines in Charleston, SC give kids the opportunity to have fun and get some exercise, in a safe and controlled environment. Our trampolines are inspected before and after every set up to ensure they are in good working order and our specially designed safety features will keep everyone safe while they get the exercise they need and burn off some excess energy. It is a win-win situation that cannot be beaten!




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Our customer service is impeccable and second to none.  We have 10yrs of experience in planning, staffing, and providing entertainment to over 6,500 different events throughout Columbia and the entire state of South Carolina.  Our Perfect 5-Star Google Rating separates us from all others.  Our goal is to promptly deliver and set up the most jaw-dropping attractions for your event.  Success is the only outcome! Professionalism is the cornerstone of Laugh 'N Leap and we guarantee that all delivery crews maintain it at the highest level. Crews will all be uninformed in our crew t-shirts bearing our company logo so you know exactly who it is showing up on delivery day. When it comes to bungee trampolines in Charleston, SC we can take care of everything you need to make your party or event great. Call us today to make your reservation or make your booking terms online today- we book up quickly so be sure to make your plans today to reserve your trampoline now.




Bungee Trampoline in Charleston, SC

By Sarah Coryell