A Princess Party for Your Little Princess

Sugar and spice and everything that is nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” If you have a little girl who will soon be celebrating her birthday and you want her to feel like the princess that she is, then you should start planning a princess party. Every little girl wants to look like a princess, feel like a princess, act like a princess, to sum it up- be a princess! Of course, our daughters will always be princesses in our eyes even after they outgrow the Disney Princess phase. If you are a mom like me who adores all things girly, feminine, and pink, then planning and throwing a princess themed birthday party for your daughter will be loads of fun. You want to have enough space for your princess and her princess friends to play because princesses can’t just sit around, they like to have fun too! Here are some great tips on how to throw an amazing princess party for your little girl:

Unicorn Bounce House for Girls



A table setting that’s princess approved

A princess needs a beautifully decorated table to sit and enjoy the company of her guests and her birthday cake. A long or round table that can seat several guests would be ideal and if you need to rent tables and chairs and if you live in Columbia, S.C. or surrounding areas then Laugh ‘N Leap rents out tents, tables, and chairs for all occasions. You can put a beautiful table cloth, fresh flowers in vases, scatter flower petals, add princess themed center pieces, faux rhinestones, faux pearls, and a tiara at each place setting so all the guests can be a princess too.

What’s a party without food?

A party isn’t a party without food and if you are having a princess party then you have to step up your game just a notch. Unlike a regular birthday party, princess parties require a little bit more thought and preparation. Rather than serving pizza or hot dogs, a princess would rather have something more dainty and pretty to eat, because come on now-they are princesses! Food ideas such as: tea sandwiches, small chicken burger sliders, pigs in a blanket, mini spring rolls, turkey meatballs served on toothpicks, flat bread pizza, and mini tacos cups. You also need sweets, since little girls are made out of sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink cupcakes, pink lollipops, and pink cotton candy will be a great addition to a princess party, as a matter of fact they are all a must. Moms, if you are worried about your little girl consuming too much sugar, don’t stress- birthdays come only once a year.

Girls (princesses) just want to have fun!

While real princesses are supposed to act prim and proper, birthday princesses want to have as much fun as possible on their special day. Piñatas filled with candy and little toys can be fun, board games can be fun, but bounce houses and inflatable slides will be amazingly fun for the princess and her guests! If you do decide to rent a bounce house or bounce house and slide combo, make sure to inform all parents so they can dress their children appropriately. Little girls can still dress up like a princess, just make sure they are wearing socks and a pair of shorts underneath their dresses so there are no issues while jumping in the bounce house. Boys aren’t banned from a princess party, actually they are more than welcome and what’s a princess without her prince, right?

Mom Tip: assign someone to keep a close eye on all the kids especially in the bounce house. You can assign that important job to your spouse, responsible relative, or good friend. You can also request a professional staff member to be on site from the company you rented from for a small fee. The more helping hands you get on your princess’s big day the better, the extra help will ensure the princess party will go smoothly without any issues and only loads of fun and laughter. At the end of a wonderful whimsical princess party you will have a very happy little girl. ♥