Mechanical Bull Ride Party

Take your guests on a wild west adventure with a mechanical bull ride at your next event!  Why settle for a just any ordinary party when you can liven it up and show people how a real party is done!  There is nothing worst than a boring party or event where people are just sitting around staring at each other and waiting for the time to pass so they can leave and go home. In the past parties were kept simple because of the limited party rental offerings.  It is now 2018 and parties are getting better and better because of the availability of bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and event games from your local party rental company.

Everyone is familiar with mechanical bulls from television, movies, and western themed restaurants as it is used as a very entertaining prop to engage audiences of all ages.  Now you can bring the same fun at your next birthday party, company party, fundraiser, business opening, or festival and bring hours of nonstop fun to party goers of all ages!  At 20 feet long by 20 feet wide the mechanical bull at your next event will be the life of the entire party!  The large bull in the center of your party will be a welcome surprise as your guests arrive.  Jaws will drop once laying eyes on this larger than life event game and a line to get on the bull will form within minutes.  While the mechanical bull does look scary it is a gentle giant with the help of one of our professional staff members who will be on site to ensure the bull is tamed. T he mechanical bull can be fast and filled with fury or cool and calm. The control panel has ten different settings allowing you to adjust the speed based on the rider’s age, weight, medical condition, and athleticism.

Even those who are too afraid to get on the mechanical bull will still enjoy their time watching the rider’s get on and ride the bull.  A contest to see who can stay on the mechanical bull the longest without falling off making for friendly competition and excitement.  Anyone who lays eyes on the mechanical bull will definitely want to take several photos because it attracts attention almost instantly.  Once the mechanical bull is turned on you will hear it start bucking signaling the rider to get on and enjoy the ride!  Get your cowboy hats ready because this mechanical bull at your next party will have everyone including yourself saying “Yee-Hawww!”

Page content written by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell