7 Simple Reasons to have a Kids Party at Home

Planning a kids’ birthday party can be a tedious venture if you don’t know where to start.  Sending invitations, preparing desserts, and cleaning after the party is overwhelming.  Perhaps taking the kids to an indoor party facility or entertainment center is the answer to your troubles, but I beg to differ.  Here are 7 reasons why you should have your kids party at home.

1. I’m sure all parents want their child’s birthday to be special and personable for the child.  Having a party at an indoor place disallows the special bond between the birthday boy/girl and parents because of the other kids and noises that will be in very close proximity.  Having a party at home is much more special than it would be anywhere else.

2. There are countless ideas and activities you can have at childrens birthday party at an inexpensive cost.  Balloons, favors, cups, napkins, table covers, and more can be purchased at your local party supply store fairly inexpensive.  Having a party at home is no doubt the cheapest route to take when choosing where to have a child’s party.


3. Home and residential parties create an exciting party atmosphere with parents and kids alike.  The idea of throwing a princess theme party for girls, or a pirate party for boys is very creative and unique.  Theme parties are the best and many party places do not offer specialty parties or a variety of party themes.

4. A birthday party will not be a surprise if you go to an indoor facility.  Why?  Obviously your children will discover they’re going to a party when you arrive at the location.  This is why preparing a party at a residential location will enhance the element of suprise.  A surprise party is always unforgettable and the look on your son or daughter’s face when you say “SURPRISE” is simply priceless!

5. Family members of all ages attends birthday parties for kids to show love and family continuity.  From grandparents to cousins, everybody can come to the party.  Unlike indoor facilities which only allows 10-15 guest per party group, having a party at home will allow you to invite unlimited family, friends, and co-workers.  The headcount can quickly surpass expectations for a child’s party, especially if you have a large family.  This is fine because everybody can spread out and have an enjoyable time together.  Space and group limitations are not a big factor when having a party at home.

6. Add fun and excitement to the party by renting special items from an inflatable rental company.  Big bounce houses, obstacle courses and other inflatables will turn your kids party into a small carnival.  Cotton candy and snow cone machines can also be rented from your local party supply chain.  Cotton candy is very fun to make and kids love the fluffy cotton-like feel.

7. This is no secret but I thought I’d share with you the fact that indoor party places do not have inflatable water slides.  There’s only one way to have this magnificant source of entertainment for your kids and that is to have the party at home.  Water slide rentals are the most popular and entertaining means of entertainment for kids in the summer months.  This is a clear reason to have a party at home, especially if you want to rent a water slide.

Birthday parties are very special for parents and children of all ages.  Kids enjoy theme parties, inflatables, and water slides.  You can plan the best party ever by staying home and enjoying the festivities in your own backyard.


Page content written by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell