Top 5 Girl Party Themes of the Year

Birthdays only come around once a year so it is very important to celebrate this special day especially for children. Children take their birthdays more seriously because it is the day they are celebrated, honored, given plenty of attention, and the entire day is all about them. South Carolina moms and dads can give their little girl a birthday to remember by planning their little girl’s birthday party in advance to ensure they throw a dream birthday party their daughter will love and appreciate for years to come. Throwing your daughter an amazing birthday party will not only make a positive impact on the day of her party but also in the future when she looks back at how great her childhood was. If you are looking for some birthday party ideas for girls, here are the top 5 party themes of the year for your little girl: 


1. Unicorn Party

If your daughter loves unicorns then she will love a unicorn theme party for her next birthday. The beautiful unicorn design will captivate all your guests and will create magical memories for your little girl. You can plan and throw a successful unicorn birthday party easily considering the abundance of unicorn décor and party supplies available in stores. Choose matching unicorn table clothes, plates, cups, banners, balloons, and instead of party hats give them unicorn headbands. Spin some fresh cotton candy in front of your unicorn loving guests for a magical tasty treat! Don’t forget to rent a unicorn party rental such as a Unicorn Bounce House and Slide combo to give your child and her guests something fun and entertaining to do. Every time they enter the bounce area they will see a beautiful unicorn welcoming them elevating fun and laughter!

Unicorn Bouncy Castle



2. Frozen Party

Elsa and Anna has captured the hearts and attention of little girls worldwide and how can they not? Between the heartwarming movie, likeable characters, and beautiful princesses Frozen has become another Disney favorite! Boys won’t feel left out at a Frozen theme birthday party all thanks to Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. Create a winter wonderland just like the movie using fake snow and Frozen party decorations. Have your daughter wear an Elsa or Anna gown so she can be dressed to impress at her own party. Tell her guests in advance to wear a shirt with their favorite Frozen character so everybody is in the Frozen spirit. Can’t have a Frozen theme party without some icy sweet snow cones and a Frozen bounce and slide combo. Your child and her guests can jump, bounce, slide and be happy for hours! Your daughter will forever be grateful for an amazing party and just like Olaf said in the movie, “I just thought of one thing that’s permanent. Love.” 

Frozen Bouncy Castle



3. Princess Party

Every little girl wants to be just like their favorite Disney Princess, so why not make her dreams come true and throw her a Disney Princess birthday party? An enchanting princess theme party will have your daughter and her guests feeling like royalty. Make sure you decorate with plenty of princess décor and be sure to color coordinate based on her favorite Disney Princess. Add some faux rhinestones, tulle, and tiaras on the table for a luxurious look all the little princesses will love! Have your daughter wear her special princess dress and have a few princess dresses available for her guests just in case they don’t have one of their own. This will bring all the kids together without making any child feel left out. Give the girls princess tiaras and cardstock crowns for the boys so there are some Prince Charmings at the party. You can’t forget to rent a Disney Princess bounce house because princesses and princess need to have their fun too! 

Princess Bouncy Castle



4. L.O.L. Surprise Party

The most popular toy for girls of the year has to be L.O.L Surprise Dolls! These small colorful dolls are making a big impact in the lives of many little girls. They are so popular that parents are buying their kids these cute surprise toys to add to their personal collection. If your child is like so many others nowadays then an L.O.L. Surprise theme party is the right choice! Since they are trending finding L.O.L. Surprise Doll party decorations and party favors would not be an issue and there are many to choose from. They even have L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series so boys are welcome and will have fun at the party also! Give each child an L.O.L. Surprise as a party favor so they can add it to their collection. The party won’t be complete without a L.O.L. Surprise Bounce House and Slide that features a jumping area, slide, and has four super cute L.O.L Surprise Dolls on the very front of the bounce area entrance. You will see the amazement and happiness on your child’s face with her special surprise and that is priceless!


LOL Surprise Bounce House



5. Minnie Mouse Party

If your daughter’s birthday is during the warmer months and she loves Minnie Mouse what better way to celebrate than to have an outdoor Minnie Mouse theme party! Decorate with Minnie Mouse decorations and give out Minnie ears to the girls and Mickey ears to the boys to stay within the theme and to bring everyone together. For added fun to the festivities a Minnie Mouse Bounce and Water Slide Combo is a must-have especially to help cool off during a hot South Carolina summer! The beautiful design has Minnie Mouse in different outfits along side her best friend Daisy Duck as well as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy welcoming both girls and boys. Don’t forget to tell your guests to bring a swimsuit or swims shorts with their favorite character for a splashing good time!

Minnie Mouse Bounce House


The key to a successful party is to plan ahead of time instead of waiting the last minute. This will allow you to plan, organize, and coordinate your chosen party theme, décor, and party rental within your specific party budget. Another great option when planning your daughter’s birthday party is to book a party package. You’ll have almost everything you need to throw the most perfect party that your daughter will love plus you’ll save a few dollars at the same time, so it’s a win-win situation!