Popular Party Game Rentals for Summer Fun in the Sun

Popular Party Game Rentals for Summer Fun in the Sun

Backyard parties and neighborhood celebrations are all about the fund times and the warmer months are perfect time to throw such parties. Whether it is celebrating the last few weeks of summer freedom, gearing up for the return to school or a birthday or other special occasion in the warmer months, there is one element that will make any part better- party game rentals! Here at Laugh ‘n Leap of South Carolina, we know a thing or two about throwing a great party and have a great selection of party games and ridesyour guests will enjoy. Here are just a few of our most popular party game rentals:


Mechanical Bulls

It is time to cowboy up and get ready for the ride of your life with our increasingly popular mechanical bull ride!  This bull is wild and bunking and ready for you to tame. Our trained attendant will control the bull’s wrath with the adjustable speed options so old and young cow-folk alike can give it a try. The bull is surrounding with inflatable padding so any falls will be soft and pain free. Whether you want an aggressive bull or gentle bull, your guests will love this thrilling party ride so books yours now while you still can!


Rock Climbing Wall

This is one party experience people will not soon forget and our rock wall is one of the most unique and exciting activities we offer here at Laugh ‘n Leap.  Younger kids, teens and adults alike can challenge themselves with a climb up this authentic rock wall. There is enough room for three climbers at once, which makes it a good choice for events, school carnivals, and festivals. Safety is of course priority and safety harness are worn at all times as climbers scale the 24 foot wall face in a race to see who can to the top first. Reserve yours today!


Bungee Trampoline

Once seen only at carnivals, malls, and large commercial locations, the bungee trampoline is popping up in backyards for parties all over South Carolina. With durable bungee cords and straps and multi-point harnesses, safety is assured for all riders so fun times can flow freely. The bungee trampoline is designed for children over the age of 4 all the way up to adults and can be used indoors or outdoors easily.  Keep your guests entertained and coming back for more for hours on end by booking the bungee trampoline for your event now!  

Soccer Darts

The new soccer dart game is a unique, interactive game that combines soccer and dart game into one. Here at Laugh ‘n Leap we are committed to keeping party games fun and innovative and as such we are always introducing new and unique games like our soccer darts for our customers.  Players will try to kick the fuzzy soccer ball onto the target with their feet instead of the traditional way of using hands to throwing darts in effort to hit the bulls eye. Contact us today to secure the soccer darts games for your party this season!

Basketball Shoot-Out

Our dual basketball hoops allows two opponents to challenge each other to a free throw shoot out. Basketball is one America's favorite sports, and it's guaranteed to provide an exciting atmosphere at any party or event that you have planned and this inflatable version is a popular game rental here at Laugh ‘n Leap. The backboards and nets can also be adjusted to two separate heights so you can accommodate younger and older participants with ease. Making a reservation for your party is easy as all it takes is one call or a visit to our booking page!

Dunk Tank

Everyone loves the dunk tank and it is a staple of parties and celebrations big and small. Dunk tank rentals are a great means of raising funds for non-profits and other organizations and are always popular for both kids and adults. Our dunking booth is safe and manufactured to the highest quality to withstand up to a 250lb adult. Whether you are dunking your teachers at a school event, your pastor at a church event, or getting back at your parents at your birthday party, resting a dunk tank is easy so call now to secure yours while you can!

Velcro Wall

The sticky velcro wall is our single most unique party game rental and it is one of the fastest to book up as well because it is so simple yet so much fun. The object of the game is the stick yourself to the velcro wall while wearing a velcro suit. Compete against friends or just have fun seeing who can get into the craziest position on the sticky wall.It's fun for all types of occasions, so make sure you make your reservation sooner rather than later so you do not miss out on the high flying fun of the Velcro Wall party game rental!


To learn more about the popular party game rentalswe have available here at Laugh ‘n Leap Amusements of South Carolina, contact us today. You can call for more details or make your reservations online from our convenient booking page. We look forward to working with you to make your next party or event one that everyone will be remembering and talking about for all of the right reasons!