Tis The Season

The holidays are around the corner and what better way to spread holiday cheer with commercial grade inflatables! Make your next family gathering even more joyous by renting a couple inflatables for the kids to enjoy. The Candy Land for Toddlers looks like a larger than life gingerbread house that is sure to bring happiness to the little ones. The Rainbow Obstacle Course is multi-colored just like beautiful Christmas lights and will bring excitement to older kids, teens, and adults. Your entire family will be surprised and thankful for putting in the extra effort in making your family’s holiday party super fun! The holidays are all about family and what better way to show your love, do something fun together, and catch up with the best inflatables in South Carolina! Give your family the gift of fun while creating lasting happy family memories this holiday season.

Students, parents, teachers, and school administrators all look forward to the month of December because a couple weeks before Christmas break everyone is extra merry and in the holiday spirit. Every year the PTA plans and puts together the holiday festival for the entire school to enjoy. Renting a couple event games and fun foods will have everyone in the holiday spirit and strengthen the student and school staff camaraderie as well as bring everyone together as a community. Bounce houses and obstacle courses are also a great way to incorporate fitness for children keeping them active and healthy which is the greatest gift of all!

The holiday season is the busiest shopping season of the year. Many businesses, both small local shops and big retailers all compete for customers because they know the holiday shopping season brings in large sales revenues. But how can a business owner stand out from their competitors and get holiday shoppers into their store? Handing out flyers, putting ads in the weekly circular, and offering big discounts are a great way to increase traffic into your store, but adding a bounce house for the kids, an event game for teens and adults, and a popcorn or cotton candy machine in front of your store will most definitely drive shoppers to your store! If you are a business owner it’s time to think outside the box this holiday season in order to increase sales and leave your mark with shoppers during the holiday shopping season.

When shoppers are happy and impressed they will come back and refer their friends and research has proven that word of mouth is the best marketing strategy ever. You will get a ROI on your rentals plus more making your holidays even more cheerful! Spread the holiday cheer this season with inflatables at your upcoming holiday event or Christmas party.