Indoor Winter Wonderland

The colder weather and shorter days is expected during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses. Inflatables are not only reserved for outdoors as they can be enjoyed indoors as long as there is ample space. The winter months are a great time of year to rent inflatables for your special event.

The colder winter weather often limits outdoor physical activity for both children and adults, so having a couple attractions at your party that promotes physical activity will bring great joy to many. The winter months are often filled with many celebrations such as holiday parties, Christmas, family get-togethers, company parties, school festivals, church festivals, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Residents of Columbia, SC and surrounding areas are filled with anticipation and excitement for all the festivities the winter months has in store for them. Whether you are planning a family get-together, church festival, or end of the year company party you can’t go wrong with a couple commercial grade inflatables and event games. You can only go right by renting from the best party rental company in the entire state of South Carolina!

A winter wonderland themed party will bring everyone together whether they are colleagues, church members, relatives, or students and teachers. Having an indoor winter wonderland party will keep everyone nice and warm and safe from the harsh outdoor winter conditions. Daylight is shorter during the winter months which makes more sense to plan your winter wonderland party indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of light. To create a winter wonderland themed party, you first need to choose the right attractions that will impress your guests. Winter wonderland is all about shimmer, shine, and vibrant colors such as the Sparkling Castle, Frozen Bounce House & Slide Combo, or the Mega Obstacle Course that will have everyone rushing to get in line for their turn. Your employees will have a blast with a Velcro Wall or Mechanical Bull at your end of the year company party. After all their hard work all year long, they deserve a fun party where everyone can unwind and that will be talked about for months to come!

An indoor winter wonderland event filled with bounce houses, event games, and fun food will also be a great way to raise money for your church or nonprofit organization by charging an entrance fee. Whether you choose to have one inflatable or several inflatables at your next event, an indoor winter wonderland themed party will surely keep the winter blues away! Contact us today to get expert help planning your next event!