Fun Tips for Ways to Use Inflatable Party Rentals

Fun Tips for Ways to Use Inflatable Party Rentals


There are many fun and unique ways to take advantage of the inflatable party rentals we have available here at Laugh ‘n Leap Amusements. Whether you are in Columbia, SC or some other area of the state, we can get you the inflatable bounce house, fun water slide rental, or inflatable obstacle course setup that will make your event one to remember. If you are in the planning stages of getting your event off the ground, here are some fun tips for ways to use inflatable party rentals to make any event even better:

Parties and Celebrations-whether it is a birthday party or just a good ole backyard party, you can make any gathering of friends and family better with the right party rental. Here are some things to remember about party inflatables rentals:

  • Be sure to consider how much open space you have to work with
  • Check to see if you need water or electric hook ups for the rentals
  • Decide on how many people will be attending your event
  • Choose a theme that the kids will like and be drawn to
  • Consider the ages of the kids attending and get something for everyone
  • Make sure you have something for all age groups to feel connected to


Fundraisers and Charities-the biggest factor that determines how successful a charity or fundraiser event is comes down to attendance. You want as many people to come and stay for as long as possible, here are some tips to make that happen:

  • Look for a party inflatable to rent that fits your theme
  • Have enough variety to keep interests for long periods of time
  • Ensure you have activities for your target audience
  • Consider using the inflatables as a ticket sale fundraiser
  • Have the inflatables be the focal point and build from there
  • Consider selling ‘bands’ to access the inflatables


Community Events-whether it is a neighborhood party, a community wide summer celebration, or a special event the community hosts every year, attendance is key. Make sure everyone has something they can get excited about with these party rental tips:

  • Select several inflatables to add excitement to your event
  • Consider how much space you have to work with and fill it up
  • Think about age ranges and how long the event will last for
  • Consider the weather and add some water attractions if needed
  • Keep lines moving- 5 minute bounces are better than 10 for crowd control
  • Maintain a fun and positive attitude throughout your event


Church Events-many churches, large and small, host special events for their members as well as people within the local community. Church Halloween fairs and summer splash parties are always popular and they can be even better with these tips in mind:

  • Make sure party rentals you select are age appropriate
  • Try to find inflatables that fit your theme for the event
  • Include something for younger and older kids as well
  • Plan ahead to make sure everything is set up ahead of time
  • Consider using inflatable rentals as a way to do community outreach
  • Be mindful of weather concerns such as heat and storms


Corporate Picnics- Corporate events are not always boring seminars and training sessions. If your company is planning an employee picnic or family celebration consider adding some fun to it with an inflatable for the kids. Keep these tips in mind for better success:

  • Check with employees to make sure what age kids will be attending
  • Get fun inflatables that the kids will enjoy while the adults mingle
  • Select a fun and popular theme that the kids will like
  • Try and keep it gender neutral so boys and girls alike will be draw in
  • Keep tabs on the weather and ensure there are ways to escape the elements
  • Remember two rides and attractions are always better than one


Summer Block Parties- large communities and neighborhoods often throw block parties as a way to get everyone together and grow strong bonds of community spirit. Following these tips will help make your next summer block party the best that it can be:

  • Choose a location that has ample space and is easy for people to access
  • Provide plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy at the block party
  • Lay things out so people and easily move from one ride or game to the next
  • Get inflatable rides and games for a range of age groups
  • Have a contingency plan ready to implement if the weather turns foul
  • Make sure everything is ready to go before your event starts


School Events- there are many ways to utilize inflatable party rentals in a school setting ranging from fall festivals to end of school year parties. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan the perfect school event:

  • Keep thing age appropriate for the kids who attend the school
  • Carefully choose the day and time for the event
  • Make sure you have ample room cleared and ready to set things up
  • Keep wires and cords under control so no on trips and hurts themselves
  • Have a wide selection of rides and games available
  • Engage with families at the event to build strong connections for the school


Holiday Celebrations- the final way people can utilize inflatable rides and games is to improve their holiday parties and celebrations. Whether it is summer, fall, spring, or winter, you can find an inflatable to match the holiday so follow these tips and discover how easy it can be:

  • Plan ahead to make sure you have everything in place before the event
  • Choose several inflatable party rentals to enhance your holiday celebration
  • Pay attention to the weather to ensure your event is still able to go on
  • Keep the theme fun and enjoyable for all ages attending
  • Ensure there is something for all age groups to do at your event
  • Make sure you have a good idea of how many people will be attending

To learn more about how to use inflatable party rentals for your next party or event, contact us today here at Laugh ‘n Leap to see what we have to offer and how we can help you take your event to a whole new level!


Page content written by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell