Bring in Business with a Bounce House

Based on recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, only 50% of new businesses stay in business for five years and only one-third of small businesses reach the ten-year mark. These facts mean that a new business has a 50/50 chance of surviving or closing based on several factors. If you are a South Carolina business owner you already know the competition is stiff and at times the economy is a roller coaster with a lot of highs and lows. These findings shouldn’t deter you from following your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and obtaining the American dream of becoming a successful business owner, because in all honesty if you work hard and are persistent enough you will reap the rewards. So enough with the short economy lesson and let me get to why a bounce house will bring business to your business.

Big Colorful Inflatable Obstacle Course

1. Marketing

A business that stops marketing or promoting their business regardless of industry will find themselves out of business quicker than those that invest in their marketing. Marketing is extremely vital if you want customers to find you because if people don’t know your business exists how do you expect to get customers? Don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing and you don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg. The most effective marketing is innovative, unique, and will attract attention. To stand out from your competition you have to think outside the box. Renting a bounce house or inflatable isn’t your traditional marketing, but its effective because they draw attention with their size, bright colors, and you are offering the public (potential clients) free fun! If you have a business opening or if you want to increase sales, rent a couple inflatables, pass out free refreshments and snacks, and have a couple of your sales team walk around and introduce themselves and your company. You can also have a table with your business card, flyers, coupons for first time customers, and a sign-up sheet to obtain emails and addresses. The public is more inclined to support businesses that treat people with respect and friendliness.

2. A child’s influence.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our children have a lot of influence on our decision making. I’m not saying be a push-over, because as a mother of two I’m far from that, but a lot of my purchasing decisions are influenced by my children. If I passed a new business or a business that I never knew existed and there was a large bounce house and free cotton candy and my kids ask me to stop, I may be hesitant, but I’ll eventually make a U-turn to be part of the festivities. The fact that my children can have fun for a few minutes for free is enough of an incentive for me to find out more about the business and since I hate feeling like a free loader I’d probably end up buying something. You’ll get a return on your bounce house rental investment once you get enough parents to stop by your business. If you want to get the parents business – you have to be nice to the kids!

3. Customers want to be wined and dined (not literally).

Do you know how many times I’ve driven pass a local business and had no idea what kind of services they provide or what kind of products they sell? All I see is a storefront with little signage and small lettering. If the outside of a business doesn’t look welcoming regardless of the great prices or amazing service inside I will bolt pass it and look elsewhere. It’s not that I’m being uppity, it’s just that I’m extra cautious of where I take my business to. If I’m looking for a little girls clothing store and I have two choices to choose from, there is a 99% chance I will shop at the little girls’ boutique with a big pink princess bounce house. If I’m looking to purchase a new car and I have to choose between two car dealerships, dealership A has barely any foot traffic and sales people are unapproachable and dealership B has a big inflatable truck in the middle of their lot and their sales people are friendly and helpful, guess which dealership I will choose? The obvious answer is dealership B and to be honest I’m willing to pay a couple extra bucks for better customer service then save a few bucks for lack luster customer service.

 Bungee Trampoline Rental 

From a customer stand point, we have so many options to choose from and I would rather spend my hard earned money on a business that shows me appreciation even before I swipe my bank card. We like to be wined and dined and I don’t mean that in a literal sense, but we want to feel like we are getting more out of the business transaction than the business even if it’s on an emotional level. So if you are a new business or a local South Carolina business that has seen a decline in recent sales, then what are you waiting for? Go book a bounce house, rent a popcorn machine, get some flyers and coupons printed, and start marketing to the locals because that is where most of your business will come from.